How to have a great one night stand

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The idea of indulging in naughty activities with complete stranger might seems exciting at same time creepy too.
So what if it would be the best moment of your life or what if it would be the worst thing you ever have encountered with.
So, lets dive in to it so that you can make it, feel it, and ofcourse remember it.

In short, don’t over complicate things. It’s just a casual sex and you should keep it simple

Here our 7 tips will help you making your weekend count with no emotional vulnerability.


1. Why should you have one night stand.

As its is only physical with no emotion, it will be very pleasing if you every time crave for casual sex.

You ever not wanted to get in to something like relationships complications kind of thing.

You wanting something better than every day sex routines type of things with your better half.

You will be having a great one night stand story to tell in friends circle.

2. When you should avoid one nigh stand.

If the person you met is pressuring you to do so

Or if you wanted to remain Virgin till your marriage. But in the modern day lifestyle you will hardly find a guy who did not have sex till marriage. after all its a personal choice.

3. How to have a great one nigh stand.

There is no point of getting physical with someone whom you don’t find any attractiveness.

The whole idea of indulging in one nigh stand is to get mesmerized feeling but not the feeling of regrets. So, you must keep your compromise aside.

4. Don’t start simply by kissing and then sex

But talk before you start. And do remember not to get into too personal.

ie. Simply Try to make each other feeling very calm and in the safe hand. Also discuss the liking in bed so that it will be win win for both. Since casual hookup are for making fantasy alive. So, dim the light and explore your fantasy. Do your best and Forget about the rest.

5. Hey don’t be selfish BUT keep the pleasure mutual.

Never disrespect each other or force for something which don’t seems okay. Because no body wants to make their life full of bad experience. Enjoyment should be mutual and natural not something which someone cannot tolarate. So limits must be there for the human kind. 

6. After it is done.

After its done please don’t indulge in showing your mean attitude and asking the silly things

Like How many boyfriends you have, why you broke up with your ex.

Also don’t get into emotional locha kind of stuff wich can ruin you one nigh stand feelings and experience.

Though it is important to cuddle but its equally important to plan you exit
“Raat gayi baat gayi”

7. No matter how he or she was in bed. Never regret.

And never be texting for once more kind of stuff. Because, there are some moments in the life of all of us when we have fun and full enjoyment. And also wanting the moments go in the flow.
One night stand is not different than this. It can be crazy story to remember and gets thrilled. Even if it may have gone wrong. But still you laugh and look back with no regrets. Pampering yourself that you tried something out of your comfort zone.

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